Sushi & Sashimi Catering Platters

The visual appeal of expertly made sushi and sashimi is undeniable. When it comes to sushi catering, Sydney sushi and sashimi catering experts Nicholas Seafood are renowned for the excellence of their products.

We have been catering sushi products to our clients for many years now, and our experience is assembling the perfect sushi platter (or sashimi platter) is clear to see. Creating the perfect plate of sushi and sashimi is a delicate art, requiring sophistication and creativity.
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It is not a task to be entrusted to just anyone, because when somebody without the required degree of expertise attempts to make sushi, it can potentially lead to many problems.  Nicholas Seafood employs only qualified and experienced sushi and sashimi chefs to prepare our sushi and sashimi products. This is how you can be fully confident of the high quality and superior taste of the products you buy from us.

What Makes Nicholas Online Sashimi Catering So Special

To become competent in making sashimi requires years of training. There are all kinds of delicate techniques that must be learned, ensuring a visually appealing, great tasting, and ultimately safe product.

Though you probably wouldn't think it, making sashimi involves a lot more than simply being able to slice thinly.  The process of making the perfect sashimi begins the moment the fish is caught. Fish to be used for sashimi must be handled with special care, very differently from the average fish.

Even the selection of the knife to be used for each step is incredibly important. Then there are many special techniques to be learned, which are important for both safety and traditional reasons.

A Tradition Handed Down From Feudal Era Japan

The emphasis on craftsmanship and tradition is due to the origins of sashimi as a samurai craft. The samurai, of course, are famous for their skill with a blade, but not everyone knows they invented sashimi.

Today, our sushi and sashimi chefs continue these proud traditions, while thankfully not having to perform any of the other tasks that would have been required of real samurai.

The result of their meticulous training and excruciating attention to detail is an exemplary sashimi platter. Sydney is also the perfect place for them to practice their skills, due to the high quality and availability of excellent seafood. It is what has helped us to be at the pinnacle of sashimi catering in Sydney.

Sushi Styles Updated For The Contemporary Palate

Sushi is a logical progression from sashimi, but there is a great deal of difference between sashimi and sushi.   We make both the nigirizushi and makizushi styles. To suit our Australian client-base, the favoured choice uses contemporary fusion ingredients which tend to be more popular in "western" countries compared to the traditional Japanese ingredients.

The most popular styles requested by our clients are salmon and avocado, tuna and avocado, and the California roll (a futomaki style makizushi made with cucumber, avocado, and crab).

Making any style of sushi requires many skills. First, one must be proficient in the use of the sashimi bocho, meaning it's not really possible to be a great sushi chef unless one is first a great sashimi chef. Proper food handling practices must be followed, and everything must be prepared in a very precise order. The precision of quality sushi making is truly a sight to behold.

We are proud to be a leading supplier of catering sushi in Sydney, one of the most demanding markets in the developed world.

Easy Online Ordering for Sushi Catering in Sydney

To make ordering sushi delivery in Sydney easy for our customers, we have developed Nicholas Online. Using our easy online ordering system, you can request your sushi platter delivery. Sydney may be a big city, but you will be pleased to know we can deliver anywhere in the metropolitan area. You can use any major credit card or PayPal to pay for your sushi platter delivery, and of course all transactions are fully secured, so you can buy with confidence.

Plenty of Additional Options of Sushi Platter

When you order from Nicholas online, there is much more on offer than just the sashimi and sushi platter. Sydney customers will also find a huge range of other seafood choices, plus even some non-seafood items on offer.

You can order platters of oysters, prawns, balmain bugs, lobsters, scampi, trout, tuna, and more.  Two of our most popular mixed seafood platters are the Indulge Platter and the Luxury Boating Selection. Every platter comes with all the necessary condiments to bring out the best flavours of our delicious seafood.

Non-seafod items include charcuterie platters, cheese platters, fruit platters, and sandwich platters. Our sandwiches are made with Berkelo sour dough bread, and fillings include ocean trout & avocado, turkey & cranberry, and of course the classic ham & cheese.

The charcuterie platter includes a selection of quality meats, Kalamata olives, Sicilian olives, and semi sun dried tomatoes. The platter comes with a loaf of Berkelo brown bread and premium quality butter. The perfect accompaniment is the cheese platter, featuring hard, soft, and blue cheeses specially selected for their excellence. These cheeses are complemented with prune & walnut log, Simon Johnson biscuits, and fresh grapes.

Finally, the fruit platter is ideal for refreshment and palate cleansing. Made with fresh seasonal fruits, each skewer is bursting with flavour and goodness.

Easy Custom Ordering on Nicholas Online

If you have special needs for your catering event, you are not limited to choosing from our standard product range. We are happy to work with you to create custom products that meet your specific requirements. A little more advance notice will normally be required in this case.  For information about custom orders, please contact Jason with an email to or call 0403 761 382.

Freshly Sushi Catering Prepared Daily

Freshness is the key to quality with seafood, and we never compromise on quality. 

To ensure our sushi, sashimi, and other quality seafood products are always the best available, we prepare everything fresh every day. 

We use the finest products that are hand selected by our team to create the stunning platters you will find at parties and events all across Sydney.

Nicholas Online is Australia's leader in seafood catering online. We specialise in Kingfish Cerviche, Tuna Carpaccio and Peeled Prawns. Order yours online today or feel free to contact us.
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